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Electronic Payments Provider Transitions Oracle E-Business Suite to Claremont Cloud

Following a business acquisition, an organisation which provides electronic payment solutions across Europe, was de-merged and became a corporation in its own right. The organisation had always used Oracle E-Business Suite for managing its Financials, Supply Chain, Procurement and HR, so it made sense for the organisation to stay with Oracle in order to preserve its business history and continue with current processes.

Find out how Claremont assisted the organisation with the transition of the Oracle systems to its Claremont Cloud for hosting and support.


Following a business acquisition, an organisation which provides electronic payment soluti ons across Europe, was demerged and became a corporation in its own right.

The former parent company had always used Oracle E-Business Suite for managing its Financials, Supply Chain, Procurement and HR, so it made sense for the organisation to stay with Oracle in order to preserve its business history and continue with current processes. 


It was evident that Oracle could act as a sound platf orm to support the company’s plans for growth. But, without any Oracle skills in-house, the business now needed an external UK-based provider to host and support its Oracle E-Business Suite.

First, it needed to transition its Oracle systems across to the new Oracle hosting and support provider. This needed to happen quickly to work within the timescale mandated by the sale of its former parent company, aft er which there would be no access to the old Oracle system.

Second, having no experience of running or managing Oracle applications, and not wanti ng to develop or recruit these skills, the business needed to engage a reliable partner to take on-going responsibility for all aspects of Oracle hosting and support.


Oracle Corporation recommended Claremont. This was followed by a competitive tender to ensure the best supplier was selected. Claremont was selected for its all-round Oracle hosting and support capabilities, as well as its commitment to a successful partnership.

Claremont’s commercial structure was also attractive. It was important that the entire process, including migrating the Oracle system and acquiring licencing, could be wrapped up in the Managed Service costs. This approach meant that capital investment (CapEx) was eliminated in favour of smaller ongoing expenditure (OpEX) – which was precisely what the Finance Director required.


Claremont began by delivering a comprehensive Oracle outsource solution using the @Claremont service. For a fixed monthly fee, @Claremont provides all Oracle licensing, system hosting, system administration and comprehensive support for Oracle functionality, database administration (DBA) and customisations.

The only proven Software as a Service (SAAS) model for Oracle E-Business Suite in the UK accredited by Oracle, it delivers the comprehensive service that this company needed.

By spreading the capital expenditure of purchasing Oracle licenses across the operational life of a service, this solution also delivered the significant cash flow benefits that the growing organisation required.


First Claremont worked to seamlessly transition the company’s Oracle applications onto its own hosting platform, over the course of one weekend.

The systems were hosted in two purpose-built UK-based data centres on dedicated hardware. This enabled Claremont to provide a full disaster recovery solution at minimal additional cost.

Having quickly and successfully migrated the Oracle systems to its hosting, Claremont took on comprehensive management and support of those applications. This is part of Claremont’s Managed Service and includes support for system functionality, DBA and customisations. Claremont also took responsibility for the company’s Oracle systems’ administration and Oracle licensing.

Highly experienced Oracle support consultants, dedicated to the managed services role, ensure that the company’s Oracle systems are continually optimised. The entire service is also overseen by a named Service Manager, from a functional support background. They work closely with the business to ensure that Oracle meets its current and future requirements. 


Eager to improve its efficiency, agility and to reduce costs, the business was keen to make another transition and run its Oracle systems on a truly virtualised cloud platform.

Impressed by Claremont’s quick systems migration and current hosting, support and management service, the company engaged Claremont to transition its Oracle business critical applications once again. This time to Claremont Cloud.

Claremont transitioned the business’ Oracle systems across to Claremont Cloud. Operational management and technical support continues to be provided entirely by Claremont’s specialist team. The company can even still visit its UK data centres, and still profits from on-site UK managers.


  • A quick and seamless migration of its Oracle E-Business Suite to Claremont’s hosting, without any impact on the business or its users.
  • Claremont’s comprehensive ownership for everything related to Oracle – from hosting to system administration.
  • OpEx replacing CapEx in implementing and supporting Oracle. The cash-flow benefits are enormous, and hardware can be refreshed every few years.
  • Improved business security and continuity.
  • Separate production and non-production UK data centres, with separate disaster recovery facilities, to ensure that there is no loss of data and minimum business impact in the event of a disaster.
  • The UK’s most comprehensive SLAs, including guarantees for system availability and incident resolution times.

Transitioning its Oracle E Business Suite to Claremont Cloud has provided the business with additional benefits, including:

  • A true cloud solution that keeps all applications in one place.
  • Commercial and operational flexibility.
  • Adaptability – it can scale capacity up or down as needs evolve.
  • Ensured Oracle licencing compliance.
  • Greater agility and speed.
  • Flexible pricing models to fit with its business needs.

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