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High-Speed Migration And Managed Services


  • Claremont delivered a new payroll and HR solution on Oracle EBS in just five-months
  • The new solution was highly flexible and cost-effective due to Claremont's innovative approach to development 
  • Managed services delivered against system availability and incident SLAs, including for incident resolution, with 100% KPI adherence.
  • Very high satisfaction with Claremont’s managed service: average satisfaction score of 9.65 out of 10.
  • The relationship remains strong as Claremont provides proactive support and guides LSER through critical updates and the implementation of additional functionality.

"Claremont are a trusted partner because they bring us peace of mind. As well as saving us time and money with an effective and well executed data cleanse, their on-going managed service has always been exceptional. As such, we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations."

Steven Shotton, Head of Business Applications,
Go-Ahead Group


Claremont delivered a new payroll and HR solution on Oracle EBS in just five-months. The new solution was highly flexible and cost-effective due to Claremont's innovative approach to development 


London South Eastern Railway (LSER), known as Southeastern, is a British train operating company (“TOC”) that runs the train services between London, Kent and parts of East Sussex. It operates one of the country's busiest networks with 392 trains carrying out approximately 640,000 passenger journeys every weekday. This includes the UK's first domestic high-speed Javelin trains between Kent and central London.

The privatisation of the railways in the 1990s requires today's railway franchises to be regularly re-tendered. Consequently, from time-to-time franchises move between operators. As a consequence of this each TOC must ensure business systems remain mobile and flexible, ready to switch to a new operator in a short time frame with minimal disruption.

LSER's payroll and HR solution was struggling with mobility. A more adaptable solution was necessary, one that was cost-effective, quick to implement and familiar in interface and configuration. With 4,000 staff on the payroll and various regulatory compliances to adhere to, little disruption or onboarding time could be afforded.

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An Identical System With Minimal Development Cost

Claremont quickly delivered a deceptively simple approach. Leaning on their in-depth knowledge and history of Oracle solutions, it was clear that creating a new system was not the best way forward. 

Time was a critical factor in the deployment of the solution and by using the current set-up within Oracle E-Business Suite, Claremont’s technical team was able use it as a starting point to duplicate the existing Oracle EBS structure – a faster and more cost-effective resolution compared to implementing a new system from scratch. 

It was then modified to remove non-LSER data, leaving a stripped back, yet familiar interface for users. And because current configurations were kept in place, the solution essentially eliminated any learning curve, saving the client time and development costs.  With initial modifications complete, Claremont's first task was to migrate the existing Oracle EBS to Claremont Cloud, an extremely stable and secure platform built for Oracle solutions. 

Once hosted, the team purged existing non-LSER data, enabling the application to not only perform more efficiently, but also adhere to GDPR regulations.

Within five months, Claremont completed the technical data cleansing, thorough testing and live migration. On a Friday in August 2019, payroll and HR staff at LSER went home. The following Monday, they logged in to an entirely new, albeit identical system. Staff were paid using the same familiar processes, and yet in the background, a refreshed, refined and flexible solution was in place. 


Collaboration And Support Through Managed Services

Claremont's relationship with LSER didn't stop after the go-live. Aware of Claremont's industry-leading managed services, LSER were keen to gain ongoing support. 

Claremont immediately became a trusted support partner for the LSER team, providing hosting and second and third-line functional, technical, DBA and OS support.  Claremont delivers unlimited reactive and proactive support with an emphasis on ensuring incidents are not repeated and the system evolves.

For a period of time, Claremont provided full time on-site second-line functional and technical support, filling a staffing gap. When a new staff member joined LSER, Claremont assisted in their learning and development ensuring a quick and effective induction process.  

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Claremont's managed service team prides itself on flexibility, ensuring that whatever happens, applications remain stable and consistent for the end-user. A combination of second and third line support alongside knowledge transfer proved highly successful.

During the last ten months (May 2020 to March 2021), EBS platform availability was 100%, and the managed service team achieved an average monthly feedback score of 9.65 out of 10. Service level agreements for both incident resolution and responses have been met 99% of the time, with only one incident resolution breach. 

By working co-operatively with LSER, anticipating their business needs and listening to their challenges, the new Oracle EBS environment was expertly supported and stable from the moment it went live.


Keeping On Track

With Oracle technology moving at such a fast rate and the need for frequent updates, it’s essential for public sector, utility and transport companies to maintain their systems comprehensively avoiding disruption that can impact not just customers, but employees as well.

In this particular case, Claremont implemented a two-phased, cost-effective Oracle EBS system within a tight time frame, with the addition of functional and technical support, ensuring continued stability.

Claremont continues to work with LSER, providing second and third-line support, guiding them through critical Oracle updates and further functionality, future-proofing this highly adaptable solution. In April 2021, Claremont began a project to upgrade LSER’s Oracle EBS system to the latest 12.2 release which will provide LSER with a stable, supported system until at least 2032.


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Claremont delivered a new payroll and HR solution on Oracle EBS in just five-months. The new solution was highly flexible and cost-effective due to Claremont's innovative approach to development

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