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23 Aug 2018

8 Reasons Why Claremont Makes The Perfect Oracle Partner


Here at Claremont, we’ve had a company ethos for a while – guiding principles that are a little wordier than the Google moto “Don’t Be Evil“, but having a clear idea of why we are here and do what we do helps us in a number of ways:

Keeps us in check: Is what I am doing in-line with our principles? If not, then should I be doing it, going about it in the way that I am.

Keeps us together: As we grow, it’s important to maintain a mutual understanding of the company’s core beliefs. By sharing and agreeing to a set of principles, it is something that everyone in Claremont has in common. Just look at what Gareth Southgate achieved at this year’s World Cup with a team that shared a common vision.

Helps us grow: Prospective employees or new customers should be able to look at this and say “that’s something I believe in too” making it easier for them to become part of the Claremont family.

The Claremont Principles

So, what are these principles? Well, they are a commitment to our clients and our workforce. A set of common-sense values and goals. However, the main point is that as a company, we live by these principles and as a result, we continue to achieve at an extraordinarily high level. They are not there as corporation speak to impress the reader, they are genuine intentions of every individual at Claremont.

1. Delivery excellence: Everything we accomplish is done to the best of our ability with the aim of delivering a standard of excellence. And with a number of UKOUG awards, it would appear that we’re on the right path. If something falls below that standard, then we’ll hold our hands up and do our best to sort it out.

2. Great customer service: We have a history of making our clients happy! In fact, in our monthly surveys for customer satisfaction, we consistently receive a 100% approval rating from our clients. From those who work behind the scenes through to our consultants on the front line, their raison d’être is to make you feel special and accomplish the job.

3. Focused on business outcomes: We’re used to working with some great organisations such as National Trust, Stagecoach and Unite Students to name a few. We are focused on empowering our clients to reach their business goals through the effective use of Oracle technology. Our case studies speak for themselves, so take a look at some of the tangible results of the work we’ve done. In partnering with Claremont, we can help your organisation make the most of its investment in Oracle technology.

4. Creative and innovative: By working with Claremont, you will soon understand why we are seen in the industry as one of the most creative and innovative Oracle partners. For example, using Oracle E-Business, we have created a student room-booking solution and a winning recruitment site for our customers. Claremont is driven by creative innovation, enabling us to achieve more and ultimately deliver a gold service to our clients.

5. Open and honest: One of our key philosophies within Claremont is to be open and transparent. And we use this same principle with our clients. We are straightforward to deal with, we walk the walk and deliver on time, on budget and at a high level. We’ll always be honest with you and advise you if we think your idea is crazy or there is a better solution. We’ll use our years of experience to ensure that you’re receiving the best result without any hidden agenda.

6. One team: We take great pride in the fact that our customers stay with us year after year. The reason for this is because our relationship with them is built on trust and unity, a true partnership, rather than a culture of us and them.

7. Personal development: Claremont is a modern employer with a team of very dedicated individuals. It’s a great place to work, where people enjoy a higher state of wellbeing and work-life balance compared to the industry average. This enables our workforce to develop themselves personally and professionally, resulting in a genuine commitment to be the best that they can be at home and in the office. A testament to this is that we’ve held our Investors in People Gold accreditation for the last seven years, an accolade that few companies can claim.

8. Agile and flexible: We have regular office yoga and Pilates sessions, we can all touch our toes.

Get in touch

If you’ve read this and think this sounds like the sort of place you’d like to work, then pop over to our vacancies page and see if there is anything for you.

If you are looking for an Oracle partner who can help you with your technology investment, goes about it the right way and can back up the talk, then reach out. You can email us at or phone us on +44 (0) 191 206 4152.

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