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20 Jul 2018

Independence Day – Oracle gives you more choices and greater stability

On the 4th July, Oracle announced a subtle shift to their support for the E-Business Suite (EBS) products.

Oracle reaffirmed their commitment to provide Oracle Premier Support for future Oracle EBS 12.x release through to at the very least 2030. Oracle E-Business Suite: 10-Year Rolling Support and Continuous Innovation.

So, Oracle E-Business Suite supports your business, but do you have the best support for Oracle E-Business Suite?

Shape up your Oracle landscape today

They have also made some new exciting announcements…

10 years + of Premier Support

Oracle confirmed that from 2019 they will review and update their support policies annually giving Oracle EBS 12.x customer a rolling window of at least 10 years Premier Support.

Continuous Innovation

Oracle also announced that Oracle E-Business Suite 12.x will be a “continuous innovation” release. This allows customers to use the latest applications without the need to undertake a major upgrade.

Yes, that’s right! Get yourself on release 12.x and you’ll be able to use the latest and greatest Oracle EBS functionality and technology for at least the next 10 years without ever undertaking a major upgrade.

Annual patches

Oracle plans to release annual (approximately) patches that combine functionality enhancements, error corrections and statutory and regulatory updates into a consolidated, suite-wide patch that can be easily applied with Online Patching.

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