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19 Mar 2020

Oracle E-Business 12.2 Release Updates Pack (RUP)



Core HR - Send Confirmation Email for Information Updates
In this release, administrators can configure the system to send a confirmation email to the person for whom there are changes in the person's attributes in Oracle Human Resources (Oracle HR) or Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (Oracle SSHR) or both.

Core HR - Use Eligibility Criteria for Checklists 
In the release, the ability to associate eligibility criteria at the checklist level is provided. With this, users need not associate eligibility criteria for each task. The eligibility criteria at the checklist level will be propagated to all corresponding tasks. Users can still assign additional eligibility at the task level if separate criteria are required for a task. Furthermore, now assignment tables can also be used to define life events for checklists. Task level messages are also provided for administrators in case they want to provide instructions to the managers.

Core HR - Synchronize Person Email ID and FND User Email
Now, whenever there is a change in the person's email ID in the Core HR records, it will be synchronized in the FND user email. In this way, consistent mail IDs can be maintained between the two areas.

Payroll - New Transfer to GL Detail Report
The Transfer to GL Detail Report reconciles the data processed by the Transfer to GL process back to the relevant run results that were costed for the employee. The report consolidates data from Payroll to the GL interface using the Transfer to GL process. The report details at ledger level and then displays by employee name, element name, and the costed amount for reconciliation purposes.

Advanced Benefits - Modify Attachment Prefix for Benefit Confirmation and Summary Report Email
Benefit Administrators can now select to label the confirmation statement attachment to use either the employee last name or employee number via a parameter on the Benefit Confirmation and Summary Report Email concurrent process

Advanced Benefits - Participation Process Reports Conversion to XML
 There is now the ability to have the reports spawned from the Participation Process output in a single Excel workbook format. Instead of separate reports, there is a single report 

  • Participation Process Reports Output (XML) with the following reports each on a separate tab/worksheet.
  • Participation Process Report
  • Participation Summary Report
  • Participation Error Detail Report by Error Type
  • Participation Error Detail Report by Person

Learning - Create Optional Components in Certifications
It is now possible to have mandatory and optional courses in a certification. Administrators can include a set of optional courses in addition to the mandatory courses for certification and define the number of optional courses needed to be completed alongside the mandatory to complete the certification. The learner can then select which optional courses among the set to complete for the certification.

SSHR - Update or Delete Approved and Started Leave of Absence
This release provides the ability for users to update or delete absences that are approved and started.

Time and Labor - Enhanced Retrieval Dashboard
In this release, Retrieval Dashboard functionality is enhanced for Time Accounting Rules Evaluation, with new pages for Time Accounting Summary, Analyse Time Periods, Compare Time periods, Requests Manually, and View requests. From the Time Accounting Summary page, you can view a summary of OTLR data, such as the number of batches or retro batches created, their status, and so on. You can also use this page to initiate Transfer to BEE, Rollback from BEE, Transfer to Project accounting, Rollback OTLR timecards from Projects Accounting. From the Analyse Time Periods page, you can get insight into time entry trends for the last twelve time periods. From the Compare Time Periods Page, you can compare the data of payroll and time-period with any other payroll and time-periods. From the Request Manually page, you can now initiate the process related to OTL especially all transfers and roll back programs. From the View Request page, you can view all concurrent programs that are launched from the dashboard.

Time and Labor - Time Entry Upload
Before this release, Timecard Export or Import functionality had a limitation of importing or exporting a single timecard. Now you can upload a group of time entries of one or more employees in a flat mode so that mass upload of timecards can be done.



Learning - Restrict e-learning in Certifications
It is now possible for an administrator to restrict the use of e-learning when taking and renewing a certification. This makes it possible for organizations to place a limit on how many consecutive completions and renewals of certification can be done using e-learning.
As an example, the program can be set up, so a learner must use ILT every second time the learner renews a certification.
This feature applies to the following learning:

  • Instructor-led classes: Includes traditional instructor-led class or web conference with a live instructor over the web.
  • Self-study or self-paced class: Includes online self-study or recorded web conference or documents.

Learning - Ability to Setup Adapters Using Configured Content Servers
When setting up a SCORM adapter, learning administrators now have the flexibility to select a configured content server or configure the adapter by specifying the required URLs.

Time and Labor - Use an Additional Parameter Assignment Set in the Transfer Time from OTL to BEE Concurrent Process
With this release, a new parameter Assignment Set is included in the Transfer time from OTL to BEE concurrent process. This enables the processing of people belonging to the associated assignment set, and additionally, movement of timecards to payroll based on assignment sets.

Time and Labor - Retrieval Dashboard and Timecard Status Dashboard- Export to all Formats 
Before this release, in retrieval dashboard and timecard status dashboard timecards could be exported to PDF format only. With this release, timecards can be exported to HTML or RTF or EXCEL along with PDF format.

Time and Labor - Option to set Timecard Lock Expiry  
With this release, a profile is provided to control the time duration (in minutes) for which the application locks the timecard and timecard period during the timecard creation, approval, and retrieval processes. Setting the profile option allows administrators to set the lock expiry time in minutes against the default 30 minutes lock.

Time and Labor - Access to Timecard Review from Timecard Status Dashboard 
With this release, supervisors can access timecard details from the Timecard Status dashboard. A new icon for Timecard details is provided against each timecard, which enables you to open the timecard details on a new page.

Time and Labor - Retrieval Dashboard - List Missing Timecards 
With this release, functionality is provided for Administrators running the Retrieval dashboard to list a possibly missing timecard in the Pre-Retrieval tab. Along with a list of possibly missing timecards, functionality is also provided to submit missing timecard report from the Pre Retrieval tab to get a complete list of ‘Not Entered’ timecards.

Time and Labor - Projects Timecards - Rollback/Reconciliation 
With this release, a new function Rollback Timecards from Projects Accounting and a new concurrent program OTL: Rollback Timecards from Projects Accounting is provided to initiate a Rollback of Timecards processed to Projects. The requests can be run in Validate only mode (without committing the rollback) and in Validate and Execute mode (with committing the rollback).

Time and Labor - Auto Generate Timecards based on Templates 
With this release, a new program OTL: Generate Timecards based on Template is provided to create timecards for a list of employees or contingent workers based on static or dynamic templates. This enables administrators to create large sets of timecards based on available public templates.


International HR and Payroll - New Payroll Register Report
This release delivers the Payroll Register Report for International Payroll. The report provides a consolidated overview of different payroll components such as earnings, deductions, and net pay for all employees under a business group.

Learning - Use the Test Overview Panel in Online Test
On the online test page, a new Test Overview Panel is added, which helps learners to see how many questions a test has and use the panel to navigate to any question in the test.

Learning - Mark Classes as Certification Only
Learning administrators can now mark classes as certification only using the new Certification only checkbox in the Create Class or Update Class page. The class will only be visible to learners as part of the certification and not as a standalone class. Administrators can select or deselect the Certification only checkbox at any point during the lifecycle of a class and regardless of enrolments in the class.

Learning - Subscribe to Certification and Enroll in Classes 
Learners and administrators can now subscribe to certification and enroll in relevant classes in one process. Once a learner has been subscribed to a certification, relevant classes for each course in the certification are shown for the learner.

Time and Labor - Line Manager Time Entry for Terminated Employees 
With this release, line managers can make time entries for the terminated employees.

Time and Labor - Associate Timekeeper Groups with Supervisors 
With this release, you can use a new option of HR Supervisor to associate people to the Timekeeper Group along with the existing Assignment Set and Organization options. This enables you to associate all direct reports of a selected supervisor to a Timekeeper Group with a single selection.


Payroll - Analyze and Review RetroPay Entries using New Interface
Currently, users review the results of the RetroPay Enhanced process by checking the Assignment/Payroll Process Results window for the process completion status. To review the retro entries generated, they use the Element Entries window.

Oracle Payroll now provides a new user interface for users to query the assignment actions of the RetroPay Enhanced process and review the corresponding retro entries created. This feature also provides users with a detailed drill-down of RetroPay Element Entries such as the original date earned and a comparison of its input values with its original run result.

International HR and Payroll - Support for Generating PDF Payslips
This release supports the payslip Report (Generic) for International Payroll to enable users to generate bulk payslip reports.

The concurrent program pay slip Report (Generic) has been added to the Global HRMS Reports & Process request group. Users must set their preferences for the online payslip in the Self-Service Preferences window at the business group level. Users can choose to display the payslip with or without the YTD values. To display data with YTD values, users must select Yes in the Archive YTD for the Elements field in the Reporting Preferences window at the business group level. If users do not want to display the YTD values, then they specify No in the Reporting Preferences window.
Each time users change the template, they must run the Generate Self Service Report Category Metadata concurrent program by selecting Document Type as payslip to create necessary metadata.

International HR and Payroll - Use Cash Management Integration for EFT Payments
This release supports the reconciliation of EFT Payments (Direct Deposit) for International Payroll along with the existing cheque/cash payments.
This feature enables users to reconcile the transactions from the payroll system with the data in the bank statement. The application fetches the list of reconciliation transactions from Oracle Payroll, based on the payment file processes that have been run.
Users can write their own reconciliation function to enable EFT payment reconciliation. The concurrent program Enable EFT Payment Reconciliation (International Payroll) is delivered for reconciliation of a particular payment type. Users must select the payment type as magnetic media for which the EFT Reconciliation must be done.

Learning - View Session Details of Classes
The Class Details page helps learners to view class enrolment status and take online classes. In this release, in the Other Information region of the Class Details page, learners can view the session details of the class, if any. The session details include: 
name of the session, date and time of the session, and the room where the class session will be held. The session section is not displayed if the class does not have any sessions.