So, another annual UKOUG conference is over and yet another conference bag has been added to the growing collection from conferences past! Apps15 returned to its “spiritual” home at the ICC in Birmingham last week and it felt like the good old days. Well done to the UKOUG for orchestrating such a great show. It was great to see the Claremont logo all over the conference!

The Future is Cloud

During the event, Claremont published our latest Research Survey Report: The Future of Oracle-based Applications. This report shows that three quarters of respondents have not yet started the journey to the Cloud for any of their Oracle-based systems. Our report also shows that there is a marked difference between the perceived benefits and risks of those that have not moved versus the actual benefits and risks experienced by those that have.

The mood of the conference reflected this. The “cloud hype” was perhaps a little more muted this year, as some of the realism from early adopters was accessible during the event. Cloud is definitely the future. There are some real benefits to be had, and the pace of adoption will accelerate, but it is not for everyone right now.

There appeared to be more of a focus on E-Business, with session content and providers focused on those servicing those customers on 11i and 12. Included in this was Cliff Godwin’s keynote, which talked extensively about the future product roadmap for release 12.3. From our own experience, many customers are seeking to optimise the use of their current investment in Oracle enterprise applications in the medium term rather than jumping to the Cloud.

The Growing Importance of User Experience and Business Analytics

User experience was also something that featured, and was the subject of Jeremy Ashley’s keynote on Tuesday. It’s high on the agenda of some of our customers too, as they seek to engage their employees and customers. We’ve seen some great results this year from some of the HCM Optimisation work that we’ve done to improve the user experience of E-Business and drive real business benefit.

Interesting too, was the proliferation of niche business analytics product providers exhibiting at conference. There is clearly a thirst for the insight and value that these products can deliver to organisations, as we have seen from some of our customers.

It’s a really exciting time in our marketplace, as customers wrestle with the nature and timing of how they tackle these issues of Cloud, User Experience and Analytics amongst other things. I’m looking forward to Apps16 already, and the opportunity to checkpoint where we have all got to on that journey.

Mark Vivian

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is responsible for driving the business forward in line with our strategy, and for supporting and developing the team. He continues to be closely involved in servicing Claremont’s largest clients, and is passionate about delivery excellence and first class customer service.

Facts and Figures

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  • example two 57% 57%
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  • example four 86% 86%
  • example five 68% 68%


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