Introducing the progressive HR department…

Increase user engagement and collect better quality data with Claremont and Applaud

Applaud Self Service delivers a modern, fresh and intuitive user interface to your employees and managers, complemented by native mobile and tablet applications.

Business Benefits:

  • Make better decisions
  • Reduce cost and save time through improved processes, data entry and process initiation
  • Improved user experience and perception

Having been developed to meet the demands of the modern HR user, Applaud sits on top of an existing implementation of Oracle HCM. The teams at Applaud and Claremont are Oracle experts, who have worked with Oracle HCM for years and understand how user’s needs have evolved.


The benefits of a progressive HR Department

An implementation of Applaud Oracle HCM requires no upgrades, no interfaces, no disruption – just a great user experience. The system re-uses your existing setup like AME rules, flexfields, user hook validation and more to deliver a next generation experience.

Claremont and National Trust

Over 14,000 National Trust employees now use self-service which is delivering significant business benefits.

The intuitive user interface has empowered managers and employees to be responsible for their own data, dramatically improving data quality. With over 100% increase in logged annual leave and over 47% increase in logged sick leave, manager’s now have much better management information.

The National Trust now have a clear 360-degree view of employee and absence data, but more importantly, they are able to produce accurate business intelligence to improve operation, boost employee engagement and reduce absenteeism.

Claremont and Barnardos

Barnardo’s initially installed Oracle HCM in 1999, and since that time Barnardo’s has dramatically changed the way it operates. Whilst over the years they have invested in the system, the HR team were looking for a way to increase user adoption and data quality.

Following a successful implementation of Applaud, the system has been given a new look and feel to match the Barnardo’s brand and in just three months has delivered business value by dramatically improving both user engagement and data quality.

Claremont and Unite Students

Unite Students also recently implemented Applaud with the help of Claremont. Read more about how the solution delivered business benefits through improved employee engagement and reduced HR queries here (Unite Students Case Study PDF).