Payroll Control Centre

What is Payroll Control Centre?

Built on standard Oracle Business Intelligence technology, Payroll Control Centre is a set of dashboards, with realtime links to pay run data, that provide a Payroll Manager better insight into their Payroll. It allows errors to be quickly spotted and corrected and provides valuable payroll trend information:

  • It brings together all of the disparate payroll reporting requirements, gross to net analysis, employee analysis, variance analysis, element analysis, and links them seamlessly together.
  • It provides the context for every run result in a payroll; easily visible, in a single platform including: variances, thresholds, filtering, sorting, and tagging payments for additional analysis.
  • It also allows the payroll team to demonstrate to the business complex payroll trends and patterns, and allows specific compliance, audit and legislative reporting to be met in a robust supported packaged product.
  • It is built using one of the best analytic frameworks on the market and integrates seamlessly into your Oracle application with the same inherited security model. The technology used is the future for all Oracle BI and Analytics, and is a paradigm shift from legacy reports, Discoverer outputs and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Payroll Control Centre can be easily extended and because it uses the OBI framework, can incorporate information from other sources, for instance Benefits systems and can integrate with Oracle Business Analytics Applications.

Are you a Payroll Manager using Oracle Payroll and suffering from the following pressures?

  • Legislative pressure: RTI and pension auto-enrolment.
  • Management pressure: Demands for faster processing and lower costs.
  • HR team pressure: Pressure to accommodate expanding benefit packages.
  • Business pressure: Demands for more data, more insight and quicker payroll turnaround.
  • Not to mention the pressure of ensuring all employees are paid accurately and on time.



So, how can we help?

Claremont has seen the impact of these pressures on hard-working Payroll teams. The consequences are having less time to process payroll, spending more time on reactive transactional work and reconciling payments which will affect payment accuracy and delivers less value to the business.

Claremont has developed Payroll Control Centre. It is a fast, intuitive tool that gives you confidence that your Oracle Payroll is accurate, that legislative obligations are met, and that variances in compensation can be identified quickly.



The Payroll Control Centre has allowed us to review potential issues more quickly, find and analyse element data and generally deliver our payroll in a more timely way. Best of all, we don’t have to spend hours each period comparing data in MS-Excel

Tracey Dyer

Head of People Services, National Trust

So how much does it cost?

  • £8,000 for the implementation, configuration, training and go live support.
  • £1 per employee per year for the licences and PCC support.

If you need to buy Oracle OBI licences as well, you may already have a pricing agreement with Oracle. If not, and depending on the number of users, the cost of licences could start from £5,000, plus £1,100 per year Oracle Product Support, for 5 users. All prices are exclusive of VAT but include expenses.

What are the key benefits?

  • Avoid costly Payroll errors and re-submissions
  • Spot trends before they become business problems
  • Provide high quality, timely payroll support for your staff
  • Reduce manual effort searching for information
  • Become less dependent on spreadsheets

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