Give your Oracle landscape the attention it deserves. Here are our top tips to shaping up your Oracle “six-pack” to be the envy of your competitors.


With summer here, it’s the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax and recharge your batteries. Well, doesn’t Oracle deserve some of this attention too?

Whether you are on the beach or in the office, now is the time for your team to take advantage of the quiet summer months and complete the jobs you haven’t had time to do yet this year.

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Keep calm – It’s only leasing!

Have you considered the provision of an in-house leasing capability to lease, as well as sell, your equipment on to customers? During these tough economic times, equipment manufacturing companies are increasingly looking for ways to improve their...

8 Reasons Why Claremont Makes The Perfect Oracle Partner

Here at Claremont, we've had a company ethos for a while - guiding principles that are a little wordier than the Google moto "Don't Be Evil", but having a clear idea of why we are here and do what we do helps us in a number of ways:   Keeps us in check: Is what I am...

On-premise ERP – Still Going Strong

Part of my role at Claremont is to keep abreast of developments in the Oracle technologies and, unsurprisingly, this means getting my head around the Cloud. When I say Cloud I actually mean Clouds. Over the past 12 months I’ve attended a variety of sessions run by the...

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