Oracle Release Update Patches, what you need to know

For a moment let’s imagine it’s the year 2030.

Petrol and diesel cars are scarce, we’re all vegetarians after the genetically modified cattle mutation scandal of 2028, NASA is sending some young hopefuls on a one way trip to Mars, China is the biggest economy on Earth.  And after Trump’s ‘unpresidented’ third term in office he earns his rightful place on Mount Rushmore for all eternity.

Trump's "unpresidented" third term in office leads to Mount Rushmore commemoration.


At the same time Oracle have committed to their latest EBS Roadmap with reassurance that EBS 12.3, maybe 12.4, are still supported for those who still aren’t ready to commit themselves to ‘The Cloud’ which by now has developed into something like this….

The Cloud in 2030

Who knows what functionality we can expect for 12.3 in 2030?  I’m hopeful that the Standard Reporting offered by EBS will have moved on from being character based by then.  Maybe we’ll all have been microchipped, so we won’t need to enter timesheets & absences, or it’s all automated with our Outlook calendars?

Cloud Technology Data Storage

Now back in the year 2017 we can expect some slightly more subtle changes from EBS 12.1 and 12.2.  In Payroll we have a New Costing Report, Self Service will finally do away with Adobe Flash technology and utilise Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), and we can expect Transfer to GL rollbacks to be validated from now on, to mention a few of the new features being added to this year’s release.

If you’d like to find out more about upgrading to Release 12.2 and your own personal Oracle road map, or understand how you can receive a detailed patch analysis on RUP and TYE via a Managed Services support contract, do not hesitate to contact Claremont.

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Oracle E-Business Suite Release Roadmap Update 

Oracle Support Document 2233823.1 Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 10 for Release 12.1

Oracle Support Document 2233840.1 Applying the R12.HR_PF.C.Delta.10 Release Update Pack (12.2 HRMS RUP10)