Oracle HCM RUP9 Analysis and Commentary

With RUP9 (Doc ID 2113189.1) released in May 2016, September always feels like the right month to start planning for the next big release. P60 and P11D are done and dusted, and a quiet(ish) few weeks over the summer have provided time to look ahead.

For those on Oracle Payroll, the latest RUP is a necessity for the next legislative patch.  For non-Payroll HCM users, while we would always recommend being on the latest patch level, it may be considered more of a ‘nice to have’ based on what new functionality is being delivered. For our 12.1 customers this year, and increasingly over the last few years, it’s not so much the case of what’s in the patch, but what isn’t.

Historically, RUP has been an opportunity within the Oracle HCM product community for Oracle to not only baseline code, but to reinvigorate the product with enhancement requests and new functionality… but for 12.1 customers, there is little for us to shout about.  It’s not quite the same story for 12.2 where we can see at least 5 additional HCM features.  From a payroll perspective we see the introduction of:

  • Bank Account Number Verification in SSHR (12.2 only)
  • Analyse and Review RetroPay Entries using New Interface (12.2 only)
  • Manage Assignment Set using Web ADI (12.1 addition)

This leaves us wondering if this is as good as it will ever get now for ‘old faithful’ eBiz 12.1.3 whilst 12.2, underpinned by the HCM Cloud tech stack, offers great scope for Oracle to backport Cloud functionality and introduce more of that eye catching new look and feel.

Future decision making for Oracle payroll customers.

In the main, we believe UK/IE Payroll customers will remain Oracle eBusiness customers for many years to come.  Especially considering the latest Primary Support extension to 2021 (Doc ID 1495337.1), but it does plant the seeds of wonder as to how much longer 12.1 is the right choice for customers over an upgrade to 12.2, or onto the Cloud where an annual release will be a distant memory.  There is now more choice than ever in the Oracle market, something our CEO Mark Vivian has recently blogged about.

If you’d like to know more about upgrading to R12.2 and your own personal Oracle road map, or understand how you can receive a detailed patch analysis on RUP and TYE via a Managed Services support contract, do not hesitate to give us a call … we’d be happy to help.

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Geoff Pitcher

HCM Functional Consultant

Geoff is an Oracle HCM Functional Consultant at Claremont with over 10 years’ experience. Geoff is responsible for supporting Oracle HR and Payroll.