Oracle E-Business R12.2 Upgrades

Oracle E-Business
R12.2 Upgrade

Oracle E-Business R12.2 Upgrade

With Premier Support for Oracle E-Business Release 12.1 expiring in December 2021, organisations need to perform their last upgrade to Release 12.2. This will allow them to benefit from Oracle’s continuous innovation of the product, and to be supported until at least 2030.

Claremont’s team has worked closely with Oracle to jointly deliver a series of R12.2 upgrade events in the UK, and are therefore recognised as the knowledge leaders in the industry for expertise and advice on Oracle E-Business upgrades.

until the 31/12/21 deadline



Our upgrade assessment delivers an action plan mapping out the route and cost implications.


Plan your upgrade

Upgrade Assessment

The first stage of an upgrade is to carry out a thorough upgrade assessment. Customers often engage in an early upgrade assessment in order to establish the budget and resources required to carry out the actual upgrade project.

Claremont’s Kairos™ fixed-price Upgrade Assessment brings together four strands of activity to ensure that the scope of an upgrade is fully identified:

  • Project Management

  • Functional Analysis

  • CEMLI Analysis

  • Database/Architecture Analysis

Our Approach

Claremont is well positioned to help you navigate that journey, using our proprietary four stage Kairos™ upgrade approach, and leveraging the experience of hundreds of successful Oracle E-Business suite upgrades.

  • A tried and tested approach to Oracle E-Business upgrades used by 200+ organisations which ensures a cost-effective and risk-adverse solution.

  • A blended onshore / nearshore model ensures that costs are kept to a minimum.

  • A truly collaborative partnership approach, ensuring that your resources are involved wherever possible, and that knowledge is transferred throughout the project.

Upgrade and Run

Claremont has also developed a unique approach to Oracle E-Business upgrades, which allows customers to wrap an upgrade within a Managed Service.

The benefits and features of this approach are:

  • The costs of the upgrade can be spread over the term of the Managed Service agreement.

  • Typically, the additional cost of the upgrade is less than that of taking the more traditional project-based approach.

  • It will usually take longer in duration to complete an upgrade using this approach.

  • The same resources providing business as usual support also perform your upgrade.

Managed Services

Infrastructure Cloud

In many cases, customers will also be looking to refresh or upgrade their hardware as part of an R12.2 upgrade project, particularly in light of the different resource requirements necessiated by the latest release of the software. At the same time, many organisations are adopting “ground-to-cloud” strategies, and looking to put their business systems on infrastructure clouds rather than dedicated hardware. Claremont has our own infrastructure cloud solution. We are an approved Oracle Hosting solutions provider.

Claremont Cloud

Some Of Our Case Studies

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Claremont designed and implemented a payroll solution in under 3 months for West Midlands Railway, saving significant costs for the customer. The payroll solution was able to address the complexities of the railway employment contracts and terms at the fraction of a cost of a new system.

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National Trust Case Study

The National Trust (NT) uses Oracle E-Business as their CRM System in order to manage the transactions with their members. The solution consists of Finance, Supply Chain and CRM modules. NT required DBA & Hosting services for the CRM System as well as technical and functional support to clear a backlog of incidents, problems and changes. Claremont improved performance reduced licencing costs as well as many other benefits.

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Our Datasheets

Claremont Cloud Hosting

Moving Oracle on-premise applications to the Claremont Cloud™ provides organisations with the flexibility to tackle challenges around operational efficiency, functionality and speed.

Upgrading to R12.2 Datasheet

Premier Support for Oracle E-Business R12.1 expires at the end of 2021. Organisations are therefore required to upgrade to R12.2 to continue benefiting from Oracle support until 2030.

Managed Services Datasheet

Claremont's award winning Managed Services provides customers with consistent first class support for their Oracle technology, and an approach that's defined by the customer’s business needs.