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ECC Deployments

Enterprise Command Centres

Enterprise Command Centres

Enterprise Command Centres (ECCs) are a major benefit of the upgrade to release for E-Business Suite (EBS) R12.2 as they come ‘free’ with the move to Oracle E-Business R12.2. There are no additional license costs although there may be additional infrastructure requirements to run the ECC dashboards. 

Out of the box ECCs provide customers with the ability to identify and respond to key business transactions without the need for a custom reporting solution. They provide dashboard-style reporting and intelligence and the ability to drill into specific areas to see a more detailed view of transactional data. 

The Claremont proposition covers: 

  • Initial architectural analysis; how best to run an ECC on a separate server. 

  • Functional areas available that benefit the organisation and how to implement them. 

  • Setting up the initial data gathering and periodic data refreshes required to operate an ECC. 

Features of
our service

  • Browse and drill on actionable indicators

  • Use consumer-like search and filters

  • Drill down with all indicators and search choices recalculated

  • Through "conversation with the data", narrow in on the most important priorities

  • Navigate to selected transactions to take action

Some Of Our Case Studies

west midlands trains

The Only Impossible Journey, Is The One You Never Begin

Claremont designed and implemented a payroll solution in under 3 months for West Midlands Railway, saving significant costs for the customer. The payroll solution was able to address the complexities of the railway employment contracts and terms at the fraction of a cost of a new system.

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Building Homes And Relationships That Last

Home Group implemented Oracle E-Business to underpin their Finance, Procurement, HR and Payroll processes in 2016-17, delivering significant savings to the organization in the form of process efficiencies. Home Group has forged a collaborative long-term relationship with Claremont effectively acting as an extension to the in-house team. With Claremont’s expert help, Home Group has been able both to ensure the smooth running of key business processes, but also to make enhancements to the solution when required to meet business or legislative requirements.

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west midlands trains