Any of you who have heard me talk at Claremont’s HCM events over the last few years will know I love a good analogy. (If you remember my “Mind The Gap” presentation at the London Transport museum or, more recently, my “Move or Improve” talk at our event in March, you’ll be nodding your head right now.)

I’ve now adapted the Move or Improve metaphor further, to fit with the time of year….

In Britain it is said we have an obsession with DIY and home improvements. As we move into spring time, our TV schedule is full of programmes dedicated to moving, improving and transforming your house, or even your life (if only it were that simple).

These programmes are thought-provoking, with their myriad of options and all that latent potential… You could choose to do nothing to your property and simply make some necessary changes, like fixing the guttering or the boiler (like you promised the wife you would do over the Christmas break).

But you could go a step further with a lick of paint, replace the bathroom or re-tile the kitchen. New windows? Give the garden a makeover in time for the first buds of spring…. All this could make a real difference to the appeal (and value!) of your house. These changes will effect how you spend time in your house. The 60-minute makeover, if you will…

Want to go a step further? You could build an extension, in keeping with the style of your current property, like a conservatory.

Love them or hate them, your next option is to call on Phil and Kirstie. You could look to move completely, if your current house no longer fits your needs. There will be other properties out there that do.

Finally, you could sell up and rent somewhere. Make the maintenance, the improvements, the security etc, the problem of a landlord. (Have someone else looking out for the health of your boiler.)

The way I see it, we are in a similar position in the Oracle HCM market. Now, more than ever, we have real choice when it comes to our Oracle technologies…

One option is to Improve what we’ve got. Oracle themselves are still investing in Oracle E-Business suite, and, while it may not have had the marketing fanfare of Cloud, it is still being used and worked on. For example, many of our clients have benefitted from our partnership with Applaud solutions who work to enhance Oracle E-Business suite with contemporary user experience and mobile support.

We have the option to extend. You could choose to deploy new processes or pillars of functionality into the Oracle Cloud, using a Hybrid Approach. There are some significant benefits to this, including:

  • Extending the value of your E-Business Suite
  • Protecting your investment in E-Business Suite
  • Embracing new innovation with rapid deployment of Oracle Cloud Solutions

Finally there is the option to move completely, to Oracle HCM Cloud. In the Cloud world, Oracle automatically updates your system every month; fixing bugs and rolling out new features. Then, twice a year you get an upgrade, delivering significant new functionality. This is a SaaS model, like renting a house – you don’t face a big one off cost, but pay monthly subscription fees.

This means you will always have the latest and greatest technology. Its a bit like someone coming to your house every month to fix any issues. Then, every six months, someone coming to give your bathroom a makeover or install a new state-of-the-art TV.

The issue for many customers at the moment is the plethora of choice surrounding the HCM product – there are many (often contradicting) stories of benefits and risks of the different approaches. They are simultaneously facing demands from the business to innovate. Every organisation, like any property, is different. Every strategy and roadmap will, therefore, be unique. The decision to move or improve is personal and should be based on individual business requirements.

Claremont are ideally placed to support you through this decision making process. As the UK’s leading independent provider of Oracle E-Business Services and Oracle Cloud Applications services – we have the experience and expertise to help organisations make the right decision for them. If you would like some further advice and support, then please get in touch.

Adrian Biddulph

Managing Consultant

Adrian is responsible for the delivery of all things from a HCM technology perspective. Developing add-ons to E-Business Suite and Fusion Applications as well as consulting, managed services and providing strategic advice to a broad range of clients. Adrian’s role is to ensure that Claremont’s clients get the best possible return when using any of Oracle’s HCM suite of products.