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Reduce costs, focus on innovation and ensure Oracle E-Business Suite supports your business for the next 10+ years.


With Oracle’s commitment to major updates to Oracle E-Business Suite, support beyond 2030 and even 12.2 fully supported for at least a further 5 years, the support clock has been re-set again. Rather than being made obsolete by Oracle’s Cloud Applications, Oracle E-Business Suite’s life span and relevance has been extended indefinitely. Oracle’s promise of a major update to Oracle E-Business Suite.

Organisations using Oracle E-Business Suite can take the business decision not to move to cloud, stick with what they have and potentially sweat their Oracle E-Business Suite asset.  However, this decision isn’t without its challenges:

  • Increasing costs of Oracle support. The costs and challenges of recruiting, retaining and training specialist in-house teams are increasing.
  • Where a support provider is used, they often don’t deliver proactivity, improvements and value for money.
  • Not getting ROI from the system. Often because it’s not being used effectively!
  • How do you ensure the system stays relevant and supports a changing business?
  • I.T. departments can get stuck delivering business-as-usual support rather than supporting transformations in I.T. and the wider business.
  • “Sweating the asset” can become “do nothing”, resulting in a system that increasingly doesn’t deliver the business’s needs. A better strategy is required.

“Change of support service provider [to Claremont] reduced the annual maintenance bill by 48%”

Lynne Hutchings

Group Systems Accountant, Global Switch

Making Oracle E-Business Suite work for your business for the next 10+ years

Claremont’s Oracle Managed Services represents something unique in the Oracle marketplace:

  • Claremont’s proven “roadmap to a positive Oracle future”.
  • Any combination of functional, technical, DBA and Cloud hosting services – delivered remotely and on-site by teams of UK-based Oracle experts.
  • Fix on fail services with SLAs for incident response and resolution.
  • Proactive service that delivers constant service improvements.

Claremont as your long term Oracle E-Business Suite partner

The demand from Oracle customers for our Managed Services is increasing and it’s not difficult to see why:

  • We save our clients’ money.  On average, clients save 51% when they move to Claremont’s Oracle Managed Service.
  • We provide a better service. Over the last 12 months, our customers rated us as Excellent (“exceeded expectations and definitely recommend”) in monthly reviews.
  • Clients see increasing business benefits from their systems. National Trust, doing CRM right.

Helping you move to a positive Oracle E-Business Suite Future

We understand that moving your Oracle support can seem difficult. Claremont’s “road map to a positive Oracle future”, takes away that hassle and risk.

Step One:
Free system assessment & health check. Advice & guidance from Claremont’s experts.

Step Two:
Free service transitions. Comprehensive, risk free transition.

Step Three:
Try before you buy. Pilot our managed service and cancel with no penalties.

Step Four:
On-going managed service. Delivered in partnership for long term benefit. Understand more about our “road map to a positive Oracle future”

If you’re looking to #MakeOracleSupportGreatAgain, contact Claremont today for expert help with moving your business to the next level.

“The defining attributes for why we chose Claremont for PPL’s Oracle hosting are:

  • They listened and understood PPL’s issues and concerns
  • No forced upgrades
  • Flexibility
  • Simple, but effective, contract
  • Accountability via understandable and meaningful SLAs
  • Account meetings tailored to suit
  • Cost reductions of over 50% – we will save £1/2m over three years – while capacity and storage has been significantly increased!”
Barry Reynolds

Head of IT Services, PPL

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  • "A HCM structure that supports our business model and is fit for our future."
    Michele Barritt, ERP Applications Manager
  • "Thank you very much for delivering a top quality piece of work – the requirements gathering was rightly thorough, the config in the test system was nearly perfect, the support through testing was great and the design of the solution is excellent. I’d like all implementations to be like this!"
    Ben Makin, MI and Systems Manager
  • "A solution that now enables automated scheduling."
    Ashley Hewson, Head of IT
  • "I view Claremont much more as a trusted partner than just a service provider"
    Karl Chapman, HR Oracle Business Manager
  • "Claremont are a trusted supplier to Stagecoach, deliver excellent support and provide a proactive service"
    Mark Haberfield, Managing Director
  • "Claremont have consistently proven themselves to be a skilled and reliable partner who have delivered successful implementations of Applaud and standard Oracle E-Business Suite. We always enjoy working with the skilled consultants on the Claremont team."
    Ivan Harding, CEO

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