The Oracle E-Business Tax Year End patches are due to be released any day now.  These patches will bring in the required legislative changes to R12.1 and R12.2 that will take effect from April 2019.


What’s new?

Along with the annual budget changes affecting the UK, there will be new functionality to process postgraduate loans.  New seeded elements will be provided for this to work alongside the existing student loans functionality, including Real Time Information (RTI)/Extensible Markup Language (XML) handling.  Additional rates of tax have been added for Wales, which like Scotland, will have the ability to set different tax rates to the rest of the UK.

Due to legislation changes to how hours will be itemised on payslips, Oracle will provide some configurable options, but expect any customised payslips to require redevelopment to accommodate this.

What’s changing?

Following last year’s far-ranging Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) decommissioning changes, there are some more subtle changes to RTI this time around.  As usual there will be new Full Payments Submission (FPS), Employer Payments Summary (EPS) and Early Year Update (EYU) processes for the new tax year, and a P46(Car) RTI process has also been added, effective from April 2019.  There are some technical changes to the XML submission protocol which will affect both B2B users and those using agencies and intermediaries, so full regression testing is advised.  The ‘RTI GB Update NI Category’ process will be enhanced to update employees reaching state pension age.  It is worth bearing in mind that EYU will be de-supported by HMRC by April 2020.

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TYE 2019 

  • R12.1 :29209648:R12.PAY.B
  • R12.2 :29209648:R12.PAY.C

P11d 2019 

  • Expected in late February 2019

The Employment Rights Act 1996 (Itemised Pay Statement) (Amendment) Order 2018

RTI Document Submission Protocol changes

Webcast Q&A thread:

UK Payroll Mandatory Patches in Oracle EBS R12.1 (Doc ID 862407.1)

UK Payroll Mandatory Patches Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1904656.1)

UK Legislative Changes for end of tax year 2018/19 and start of tax year 2019/20: Note Doc ID 2451886.1

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