Transforming Financial Management

The modern organisation demands Financial Management to be incorporated into its core strategy. It is no longer a back office function, but one which is vital for transformation and success.  Therefore, it is necessary to spend more time on analysing results and less time on paperwork and reporting.

Oracle Cloud ERP is a best-in-class Cloud solution that enables organisations to strengthen their fundamental business elements. A cost effective, future- proofed system allowing organisations to take advantage of their full growth opportunities.

With our extensive experience and capability in the insurance vertical, we work with our clients to transform their finance business processes.

We will help you to:

  • Reduce ongoing system maintenance costs and the associated disruption of periodic upgrades
  • Reduce IT team’s administrative burden to enable the organisation to focus on core business elements
  • Reduce the month-end closing cycle and significantly improve the flexibility of group reporting
  • Introduce powerful management reporting with allows for smarter decision making
  • Allow easier account substantiation and reconciliation with regulatory bodies
  • Delivers financial benefits of moving to a SaaS model; move from capital to operational expenditure

Claremont implements and supports effective Oracle Cloud ERP solutions. Our team have the expertise and first- hand experience to transition any insurance organisation seamlessly and successfully to the Cloud.

Implementing Oracle Cloud ERP for a insurance company RiverStone, has resulted in a new future-proofed, robust and scalable cloud based system architecture which has removed the complexity and cost of having to consider expensive and time consuming upgrades. Read more about the experience with RiverStone.

Hear from Delaware Life Insurance on why they chose Oracle and watch the Oracle Cloud ERP in action.

We work with our clients to implement Oracle ERP and transition them to the Cloud seamlessly and successfully. If you’d like to know more about how this solution could work for you, please get in touch.

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