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19 May 2014

Achieving excellent SLA compliance

Achieving excellent SLA compliance in a managed service is always important but compliance…

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21 Dec 2013

Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to enter Sustaining Support

Oracle E-Business Suite 11i to enter Sustaining Support A key milestone in the support…

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10 Dec 2013

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and Online Patching

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and Online Patching In September 2013, Oracle announced the…

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27 Mar 2013

Managing a Large Oracle Database SGA

Recently one of our customers experienced a number of performance related issues. These…

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Our Datasheets


Oracle E-Business 4th
Line Support

Oracle EBS R12.1 Support is nearing its end of life. Customers running 12.1 beyond 2021 face a drop in their support services, our 4th Line Service is designed to bridge that gap and keep you up to date.

Claremont's Oracle
Hosting FAQs

Claremont offers hosting on our Cloud platform, Claremont Cloud™, as well as on dedicated private hardware that we lease to customers. We can also co-locate customers’ hardware in our data centres.

Gender Pay

Claremont's gender pay gap report system, designed for Oracle users, provides the source data and required calculations to help you meet the legislative requirements.

Oracle DBA
Support Datasheet

There are many legacy Oracle technologies and databases still supporting businesses. Our DBA teams offer peace of mind, commercial and operational certainty, flexible support, and meaningful SLAs.

Managed Services For
Oracle's Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications change organisations’ support requirements, bringing new and unique challenges. To address these, Claremont introduced our Managed Services for Oracle Cloud Applications.

Claremont Cloud

Moving Oracle on-premise applications to the Claremont Cloud™ provides organisations with the flexibility to tackle challenges around operational efficiency, functionality and speed.

Upgrading To
R12.2 Datasheet

Premier Support for Oracle E-Business R12.1 expires at the end of 2021. Organisations are therefore required to upgrade to R12.2 to continue benefiting from Oracle support until 2030.


Computer systems are created, used, and decommissioned. With records needing to be retained for legislative purposes, Claremont provides a cost-effective and future-proof archiving solution.

Managed Services

Claremont's award winning Managed Services provides customers with consistent first class support for their Oracle technology, and an approach that's defined by the customer’s business needs.