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9 Aug 2018

Reduce Costs & Simplify your Gender Pay Reporting with Oracle

After the Gender Pay media storm during the first reporting deadline in April 2018, there has been a period of relative quiet. However, over the past few weeks, Gender Pay has started to make the headlines again.

Under new regulations that came into force in April 2017, all employers with over 250 employees are required to report their gender pay gap data. This may have prompted you to start thinking about your 2018 Gender Pay Reporting. Do you belong to one of those organisations where numerous spreadsheets sprung up to support the Gender Pay calculations in 2017? Is this labour intensive, piecemeal, Excel approach robust enough to ensure your calculations are correct and could stand up to some of the media scrutinies we saw in April 2018?  

Claremont Solution

At Claremont, we have developed a robust, flexible and legislatively compliant solution to produce all the mandatory Gender Pay calculations and provide you with consistently calculated hourly rates for all of your eligible workers. A configurable reporting solution sitting within Oracle Payroll gives you the control, ease of use and security required to produce accurate Gender Pay calculations. Stagecoach Group, the international transport operator running buses, trains, trams and coaches; one of our long-term clients has recently started using the Claremont Gender Pay solution.

In 2017 we extracted run results from Oracle Payroll and manually manipulated these in Excel in order to produce the calculations. For our 30 tax references, this took around 40 man days. This manual approach also increased the risk of inconsistency and error. With Claremont’s Gender Pay solution, we are running the report for each tax reference. Apart from some checking, there is very little to do. It’s now taking about an hour per tax reference.

Paul Colfer

Business Systems Team Leader, Stagecoach

Stagecoach has a complex and varied payroll, spanning 30 tax references and various terms and conditions. We worked with Paul and the team to install and configure the Gender Pay solution to meet their needs. It’s great to see another of our clients using this.Geoff Pitcher

Managed Service Primary Analyst, Claremont

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To find out more about taking the hassle out of your Gender Pay Gap, view Claremont's Gender Pay Reporting Solution.

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