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11 Nov 2020

Research reveals a majority of UK Oracle E-Business Suite users are running old systems.

A survey conducted by Claremont, aimed at key decision makers within the UK IT industry has revealed that the majority of UK businesses using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) are running on old versions of their business-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

With Oracle cutting off premier support to EBS12.1 in December 2021, this leaves these businesses facing potential legislative and security issues if they fail to upgrade Oracle EBS prior to the deadline.

Businesses intent on upgrading to EBS R12.2 face a race against the clock in order to get it done in time. There is now just 14 months until the deadline, and while that may seem like a long time, given that the survey indicates almost two-thirds of businesses are currently looking to upgrade, there is likely to be resource scarcity in the marketplace.

With upgrades taking 6-12 months to complete, vendor selections to be made and business cases to be raised, now is the time to act.


64% of Oracle EBS Users are yet to make the upgrade

The survey also highlighted that 64% of respondents are currently running an earlier version then the current R12. 2. And at a time when the use of cloud for data and/or applications is becoming paramount for company security and flexibility, over two-thirds (69%) said they were still using physical servers.

For those businesses already using a cloud platform, 53% of businesses cited price as the main reason they had chosen their cloud provider, while 40% cited greater agility and flexibility.

To discover more about how IT companies in the UK are managing their service providers, cloud options and their future EBS roadmap, download our infographic to get more results from the survey.

Choosing the right Managed Services Provider

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