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5 Nov 2018

Oracle announces important news for E-Business users

The recent annual Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco offered some exciting and important news for Oracle E-Business customers.

For the large Oracle E-Business install base, there were significant updates on the future roadmap of the product. It reaffirmed several things that Oracle had previously announced, but also provided clarity for the future.

“Continuous Innovation For E-Business Users”

Roadmap Final


What did we discover?

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 will be the last major release of the product!
  • Previously, it was implied that a 12.3 release would come in 2019. Instead, this will be replaced with a “continuous innovation” release model for Oracle E-Business 12.2, which will have ongoing applications and underlying technology stack updates without the need for a major upgrade.
  • Premier support for Oracle E-Business 12.1 will cease in December 2021 as previously communicated.
  • Oracle E-Business 12.2 remains in premier support until at least 2030 with the support horizon being reviewed annually.

What does this mean for Oracle E-Business users?

  • Guaranteed Support for Twelve Years: Whichever version of Oracle E-Business you are currently on, if you upgrade to 12.2, you will receive premier support until at least 2030. This twelve-year support horizon provides certainty for organisations planning their IT roadmaps.
  • Access to Ongoing Applications Innovation: The “continuous innovation” for applications is akin to the 12.2.x updates that have been made available annually in recent years. This will benefit E-Business users with Oracle’s ongoing product development, making new functionality available as it is developed until at least 2030 with cumulative patches.
  • Independent Technology Stack Updates and Protected Customisations: Crucially, as the underlying technology stack is independent under the “continuous innovation” model, new versions of this can be deployed without having to upgrade Oracle E-Business applications code, meaning that customisations don’t have to be modified as a result of these new versions.
  • One Last Major Upgrade in the Next Three Years: What all of this means is that if you’re currently on 12.1, like most of our customers, then you have until the end of 2021 to upgrade to 12.2. Significantly, you’re therefore one major upgrade (at most) away from never having to go through the time and expense of upgrading Oracle E-Business ever again!

For further details, view the full announcement on Continuous Innovation on Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2

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