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30 Jan 2018

Hosting Webinar Q&As

It is easy to assume that all Clouds are the same and choose a Cloud such as Azure or Amazon for hosting Oracle. However, this is not the case. There are additional costs which often get overlooked, it’s crucial that organisations consider all their options and understand hidden expenses and how to mitigate them.

Oracle technology in a Cloud can provide many benefits, have you considered the licensing and support challenges before making the move?

Our webinar covered the main challenges including:

  • Understanding how your choice of Cloud affects support and licensing terms (which as Mars discovered, can prove very expensive).
  • Lack of insight into using Hard Partitioning to avoid running into the problem of non-compliance.
  • Where to begin with your Cloud adoption project to enable you to avoid the technical territory and hidden costs.

To find out more, read our Q&A’s from the webinar.

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