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22 May 2018

All Clouds Are Not The Same

Clouds are not ubiquitous. Whether Amazon, Azure, Oracle IaaS, Claremont Cloud or another Cloud, it’s essential to understand the real differences, opportunities and risks offered by different Clouds. It’s time to understand your business case for moving Oracle databases to Cloud and focus on your organisation’s core strategy.

In our whitepaper, we reveal the hidden dangers you need to watch out for when choosing a Cloud provider, particularly for Oracle software, and we explain how to avoid them. This is based on Claremont’s extensive experience of migrating customers’ Oracle software to Cloud and our expertise in Oracle’s policies for Cloud licensing. For example, did you know that hosting Oracle in Amazon or Azure may at least double your cost of licensing Oracle database software?

Your organisation will have specific needs and it’s crucial that you have a provider that understands your circumstances. Let’s reframe the Cloud conversation from marketing generalisations to technical requirements, service and ‘value add’.

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Don’t fall foul when licensing Oracle in a Cloud – Return on Investment Calculator

Focusing on business value is paramount and when it comes to Oracle hosting there are additional costs which often get overlooked. It’s crucial that organisations consider all their options, understand hidden expenses and how to mitigate them.

Our webcast Don’t fall foul when licensing Oracle in a Cloud discussed the best ways to best tackle Cloud licensing and support challenges and offered a unique Oracle licensing calculator which allows you to work out potential costs and business ROI.

If you would like to receive a copy of our ROI calculator, please get in touch.


This webcast covers:

  • Understand how your choice of Cloud effects support and licensing terms (which as Mars discovered, can prove very expensive)
  • Gain insight into using Hard Partitioning to avoid running into the problem of non-compliance
  • Understand where to begin with your Cloud adoption project to enable you to avoid the technical territory and hidden costs
  • Take away our unique Oracle licensing calculator to work out the potential costs and business ROI