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7 Jul 2020

It’s not what you say…it’s what you do that counts


Claremont CEO, Mark Vivian, provides a candid interview discussing the impact of COVID-19 and Claremont’s Oracle journey so far. 


Mark Vivian has been CEO of Claremont for the past 8 years; he says it is the role he has enjoyed most in his career so far. It is a career that has spanned nearly 30 years in the IT industry, most of it specifically in the Oracle space. His experience in multiple roles during that time has taught him many valuable lessons. 

As a people person, he invests in his staff first and foremost, providing a working environment where employees have the support and freedom to be the best that they can be. By doing this, he believes you can build an excellent team of people who are highly skilled, innovative, and passionate about delivering great customer service, whilst building long term relationships. 

As one customer said: “Mark imbues the Claremont team with a deep commitment to customer service and high integrity; these qualities underpin a strong relationship between the National Trust and Claremont.”                                                                                                                                                                         Sarah Flannigan, CIO - NED - Chair - European CIO of the Year


In his latest interview, Mark talks about the impact of COVID-19 and how providing remote IT services to clients around the UK and beyond has enabled Claremont to rise above many of the day-to-day issues affecting so many organisations. 

Mark also talks about the approach and viewpoint many Oracle users have when deciding which direction they want to take their business in the future; to adopt Oracle’s cloud products or stay with their investment in E-Business Suite system and upgrade to R12.2 upgrade, which will be supported and developed by Oracle until at least 2031. 

NS Tech is an online IT magazine and is a division of the century-old and globally respected New Statesman. Their mission is to report at the intersection of technology, business, and politics, helping IT leaders and the government find answers to the big questions. The New Statesman has a long history of talking to people at the top of business, politics, and culture, and explaining how their views will affect the wider world.

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Choosing the right Managed Services Provider

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