The Oracle HRMS R12.1 Release Update Pack 10 (R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.10), patch 25026041, has been released and the latest revision at the time of writing was on 5th May 2017.

All UK customers using R12.1 Oracle Payroll are required to apply this prior to the Tax Year ending April 2018, and for IE (Ireland) customers prior to January 2018. This document provides a complete, up to date description of all new and changed functionality provided within this patch, and a summary of the modules/functionality affected.

R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.10 is specifically for HRMS and Payroll and provides legislative changes along with various bug fixes for the Oracle HRMS suite of products. Historically the Release Update Pack has been a vehicle for delivering new functionality.

Technology patches such as ATG Release Update Pack will affect all parts of the E-Business Suite, not just HRMS and Payroll. It is therefore necessary to perform eBusiness wide testing after ATG application and prior to the implementation of HRMS RUP10 patch and its associated pre/co- requisite patches. Key testing should also be performed post application of the R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.10 patch.

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Impact Analysis Report of Oracle 12.1 Release