Get a Grip... (of your Oracle Project)

Get a Grip

Ensure your Oracle project is delivered on time, to budget and meets the desired business outcomes; get the most out of your System Integrator. 

Are you struggling to manage your Systems Integrator? Do you have the necessary time and skills in the business to support your project? Is this solution being developed one that best fits your business requirements? 

Many large organisations employ global systems integrators to undertake large IT programmes of work. And, as the saying goes “one throat to choke” makes procurement and commercial management easier.

However, where many of these large engagements struggle and sometimes fail is having the client side skills, head count and knowledge to effectively manage the main delivery partner. Organisations are finding it increasingly more difficult to understand whether the IT systems being deployed are the most appropriate for their business.

For projects involving Oracle technology, it makes sense to have specialist Oracle skills and experience on hand within the internal team to help guide the project to a successful outcome.

Claremont is one such Oracle specialist.

The benefits…

  • They are an extension to your existing team, filling both a knowledge and headcount gap, working collaboratively to ensure success.
  • They have the experience and business knowledge to provide the quality assurance, advice and support you need.
  • Gives you confidence in engaging with a provider with the track record of helping global enterprises meet their business objectives
  • Provides an in-flight review- no disruptions to your project while it’s underway, we will review and make recommendations at the same pace of your project.
  • Helps you gain the most out of your efforts, mitigate risks and improve the overall effectiveness of your project



Helping you drive your Oracle project forward

Our highly experienced team of expert Oracle consultants work closely with both customer side stakeholders and third-party teams, to provide delivery assurance. Our consultants work as part of your team to fill experience, skills or headcount gaps.

With an in-depth knowledge of the Oracle product set and significant experience having completed many similar engagements in the past, our consultants are able to provide the best advice and support for your organisation.

Our customers value our advice, experience and independence when managing these large projects. The quality assurance that we provide helps to ensure that delivery is on time and to budget, and meets the desired business outcomes, securing return on investment.

Challenge your incumbent

Allowing Claremont to challenge your incumbent enables a thorough understanding of your third party’s activities, the potential risks facing your project and the potential impact to it’s success. Claremont has a track record of delivering positive business outcomes, helping you gain the most out of your project efforts.

If you are experiencing similar challenges and would like to speak to Claremont about their experience and what we can do for you, get in touch today.

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