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Five Part Webinar Series

A Definitive Guide For Hosting Your Oracle System

In an ever-changing data driven world, the adoption of the Cloud for IT systems is becoming a matter of necessity, rather than choice. But with so many Cloud providers, technologies and ideas out there, what are the factors that need to be considered when designing a Cloud system?

As an experienced hosting provider that’s helped many customers on their Cloud journey, Claremont is producing a series of open discussion webinars, detailing all the elements needed for hosting your Oracle system in the Cloud. 

With an eclectic range of guests, this series is essential viewing for those considering or using a Cloud Infrastructure platform. 

Target Audience

CIOs | Technical Analysts | IT Managers | DBAs | IT Decision Makers

A Definitive Guide For Hosting Your Oracle System

In this webinar, Claremont unlocks the mysteries of Cloud hosting for Oracle systems, giving you the answers to help you make the right cloud choice for your business.

Key Topics Covered:

  • What to consider when looking to host an Oracle system in the Cloud?
  • How to assess considerations to understand which solution works for me?
  • What to assess when moving from on-premise hosting to the Cloud?
  •  Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle - how do they differ?
  • Are all Clouds equal? 
How To Achieve The Best Performance For Your Cloud

Performance of the Cloud is a key consideration, and in this webinar, we’ll look at how to assess performance in the Cloud and where to invest to gain the biggest bang for your buck.

Key Topics Covered

  • What are the key aspects of performance relevant to the Cloud?
  • How to guarantee consistent performance in the Cloud.
  • How to ensure a stable and easily accessible resource flow.
  • What considerations are needed to safeguard performance?
How To Calculate The True Cost Of Moving To The Cloud

Compared to on-premise hosting, the Cloud offers many advantages, yet also involves different costs along the way. These include set-up, on-going maintenance, support and licensing. In this webinar, we’ll outline the true cost of moving to the Cloud. 
Key Topics Covered

  • What general Cloud costs does a business need to consider?
  • Can an organisation downsize its support team?
  • Optimising Oracle licensing in the Cloud.
  • What is the real cost of migrating to the Cloud?
  • The dos and don’ts of archiving. 
How To Ensure Your Cloud Is Safe And Secure

Don’t compromise on security. In this webinar, we’ll outline the options available in the Cloud to ensure your data is kept safe.

Key Topics Covered

  • Can the Cloud be more secure than an on-premise solution?
  • How to protect against common threats (e.g. DDoS, code injection).
  • How to decide what protection to deploy.
  • Using the Cloud to keep up with business continuity requirements.
How To Choose The Best Provider For Service And Support

A great Cloud solution has to rely on high-quality support and service. In this final webinar, we’ll describe how to gain the most out of your Cloud environment, through harnessing wraparound support services.

Key Topics Covered

  • Is IaaS or PaaS right for my company?
  • What to expect from a Cloud service provider?
  • Will a Cloud supplier care about our business needs?
  • Can Cloud service truly be a "managed service"?





Additional Resources

Claremont has composed a comprehensive guide for choosing the best cloud for your Oracle system. We assess various Oracle Cloud hosting platforms, including Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Click here to view this white paper on Choosing The Right Cloud.


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