Oracle E-Business Suite is used by a leading service provider for gas turbine engines to manage its  nancials, supply chain, procurement and HR. A separate bespoke Oracle-based system, built on the Oracle database and Fusion middleware, acts as its order management solution.These systems underpin many of the organisation’s key business functions. It is therefore crucial that they are properly supported without incurring any unnecessary cost to the business.

The Business Challenge

This global organisation had limited in-house Oracle skills and was dependent on third parties for full Oracle support and development. Its existing Oracle support partner, however, was unable to provide the required functional and development skills.They were inactive and unresponsive and this lack of pro-active management was costing the business both in time and money.

The company therefore needed to employ an additional partner who was reliable, cost-effective and who could provide practical functional, development and DBA services across all of the business’ Oracle modules and technologies.


Claremont was initially engaged to deliver ad hoc Oracle developments. But the wider value that Claremont could add to the business was quickly recognised and this ad hoc programme was swiftly formalised into a ‘Call-off’ service.

Claremont’s ‘Call-of’ Service

Claremont’s ‘Call-off’ service offers customers access to any Oracle support and consultancy services as they are needed. It ts perfectly with the business’ varying requirements for its Oracle E-Business Suite and custom order management applications continue to meet its business needs.

A mix of functional, development, consulting and support services was necessary – but specific requirements varied from month to month. Claremont’s ‘Call-off ’ service offered packages of time which could be purchased and consumed through the delivery of whatever activities were required. It was this kind of agility that the company required. Claremont’s flexible commercial terms and its highly granular tracking of ‘Call-off ’ time usage also made this a very cost-effective service.

Fixed Price, Fixed Scope Support

In contrast, the company’s Oracle DBA requirements were far more predictable and required operational and commercial certainty. Claremont was also brought in to deliver a fixed price, fixed scope managed service for DBA support.

This service combined the security of unlimited, reactive x-on-fail services with proactive services to prevent future issues and keep the system up-to-date. It also included system maintenance, which involved comprehensive cloning, tuning and proactive patching.

During the support transition, Claremont identified serious issues with the existing backup and cloning processes.These threatened the organisation’s ability to recover its Oracle systems and therefore posed a significant danger to the company.

Claremont fixed and tested these processes within the scope of the DBA managed service. Further improvements were also made.The cloning process, for example, was upgraded so that it no longer required the production system to be shutdown.

Value Delivered

Having engaged Claremont to add additional Oracle support, the business was now working with two different service provides. It quickly became evident, however, that the value that Claremont could deliver was comprehensive. Claremont proved that it could could deliver Oracle DBA, development or functional support and consultancy services.

Claremont was pro-active in its approach to delivery, and offered hands-on support and advice. In contrast, the existing DBA support provider was becoming increasingly invisible and unresponsive. It was retroactive in its approach; attempting to tackle problems only once they’d risen instead of working to prevent their emergence.

Having extensively tested both support providers, the business consolidated all of its Oracle support services with Claremont. Both the ‘Call-off’ and managed services are operated through Claremont’s service desk and are managed by a named Service Manager who works closely with the organisation to ensure that its Oracle E-Business Suite applications continue to meet its business needs.

The entire service is underpinned by comprehensive business-oriented SLAs.

The Business Benefits

Having engaged Claremont to provide flexible Oracle support and functional development, the business has realised numerous benefits. It now profits from:

  • Access to full functional and development services as required via the ‘Call-off ’ service as well as a complete, fixed price managed service for DBA services
  • A single partner organisation that understands and values its business and systems and is pro-active in its approach to delivery
  • A flexible approach to managing and developing its Oracle E-Business Suite and bespoke system
  • Improved value for money
  • A pre-emptive approach to Oracle support: Key issues are identified and resolved early on, which has reduced business risk at no additional cost
  • Guaranteed continued compliance with Oracle licensing


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