How to get automated and interpret the meaning


Its never been easier to setup and run the analyser scripts available for E-Business Suite. As a result, users no longer need to waste time with laborious tasks; running the analyser, finding its an old version, downloading the new version, unzipping it onto the server in the right place, and finally running it.

Here at Claremont we are using the new auto-updated EBS Analysers to proactively identify missing patches, incorrect configuration and data corruption across our client base.  This can prevent problems before they occur, improving stability and increasing the efficiency of your Oracle estate.

AutoUpdate Process now available

As part of Oracle’s continuous innovation program, these analysers are frequently updated.  To make sure that you have the latest analyser version Oracle provides an Auto Update process which can be installed using the details available on Doc ID 2377353.1.  This will automate the download and install of analysers across the whole of your EBS instances, or can be run for specific product families if required.  The analyser is then ready when you or your end users need it, whether you are raising a Service Request with Oracle, checking if you are up to date with the latest patches available, or checking for corrupt data in your system.


What is an EBS Analyser?

These scripts form part of your Production maintenance program, are to be used by System Administrators and/or designated end users. The resultant output is an easy to read HTML report that provides recommendations, solutions and early warnings about items that should be reviewed and corrected. Each analyser can be run on demand, or scheduled for repeatability, and emailed to critical reviewers directly from your instance.

Useful Links

Oracle E-Business Suite Support Analyzer Bundle AutoUpdate Concurrent Program (Doc ID 2377353.1)
Oracle E-Business Suite Support Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool (Doc ID 1939637.1)
Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Proactive Support Analyzers and Tools (Doc ID 1545562.1)

Choosing the right Managed Services Provider

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Further Insights

The only impossible journey, is the one you never begin!

Claremont designed and implemented a payroll solution in under 3 months for West Midlands Railway, saving significant costs for the customer. The payroll solution was able to address the complexities of the railway employment contracts and terms at the fraction of a cost of a new system.