Discoverer support has ended. So, what now?

On the 30th June 2017, Oracle’s extended support for Discoverer ended.

With no further developments or releases you are now running on unsupported software. Not only could you run into compliance issues but no further patches means no more bug fixes. In addition, you run the risk of compatibility issues when the Oracle product set is updated.

With no offered support and so many alternative options, finding the ‘right’ reporting replacement is crucial to any organisation. How do you pick the right product to best fit your enterprise?

Our white paper ‘When the Disco ends you don’t need to stop moving’ offers a review into the alternatives to help you understand which product best suits your BI requirements, whether that be a low cost non-oracle product or a product that complements your high level requirements. Speak to our experts to find the most suitable BI option for your business.

Splash BI

An implementation of SplashBI offers a low risk, low cost option of migration. Turning chaos into meaningful results and offering high quality visual analytics, SplashBI offers a great alternative to Discoverer.

Listen to the webinar recording from Michael Armstrong-Smith, an Oracle ACE, author of all three editions of the “Oracle Press, Oracle BI Discoverer Handbook”, to find out about his experience with Discoverer and what to look out for in a new reporting tool.

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