When taking about Managed Services, it’s easy to focus on the Oracle product experts who deliver the support. Service Management can fall somewhere between a necessary evil and a nice to have! However, when properly delivered, it adds to the Oracle support services, improving value for customers and ensuring the quick and effective delivery of support. For those reasons Claremont employs dedicated Service Managers, separate from the Account Management team, and they work continually to improve and adapt service management to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Monitoring our services

For example, every month our Service Managers ask their customers about their satisfaction with our services. We’re pleased to say we score very highly, but it’s important to measure this and know where we can improve. In 2015, Claremont changed the customer satisfaction approach and questionnaire. The aim was to prevent this becoming routine, where we risk not capturing customers’ perception of our services.

We changed the questions and the emphasis moved to getting feedback on areas of improvement important to the customer. In short, Claremont recognised that not all customers have the same expectations and requirements. Thus, providing one list of questions to fit all customers would not help our long term aims for continuous improvement and increasing customer satisfaction.

Improving further

There are further activities planned to improve our services. These include changes to service reporting, with the aim of tailoring reports to customers’ specific needs and interests. Our aim has never been just to provide a list of statistics and contractual KPI’s, but to provide recommendations, feedback of service performance and engage further in areas where longer term solutions can improve the service as a whole. This includes proactive work to reduce the number of incidents.

Some of these activities have and will in the future lead to process re-engineering and tuning to ensure that we do not stagnate and always look at business as well as operational processes to improve our services to our customers. In the coming months the new reports will be rolled out to our customers and the aim is to review our internal metrics to ensure that we maintain our focus on customer service improvement.

What does it all mean for you?

This may not be an obvious priority for our customers, but in our experience, customers want meaningful information, proactive advice and recommendations for long term improvements. This is on top of the Incident-led support service that should be taken for granted. Effective service management and service reporting is key to delivering these benefits to customers.

Braam Slabbert

Service Management Capability Lead