Oracle for Financial Management

Oracle for Financial Management

At Claremont, we help to empower modern Finance.

Your requirements of a finance system have changed and continually evolve at ever increasing speed. Whether that’s embedded analytics, mobile solution support or the provision of employee social collaboration alongside meeting your existing reporting requirements; it’s a difficult balancing act.

Claremont understands your choices –  remaining on E-Business Suite technology, moving all or some of your systems to the Cloud – are as complicated and diverse as the needs of your modern ERP.

Your answer will be unique to you and while it may not necessarily be migration to Oracle Cloud, our experience assisting both longstanding E-Business Suite users and Cloud ERP early adopters, allows us to support your informed choice.

We work with you to deliver accelerated productivity within finance, serving your business managers with streamlined processes taking full advantage of the powerful functionality available from your Oracle investment.

Claremont’s team consists of experienced individuals who not only understand Oracle technology, they understand Finance. Our advice is based on years of Oracle and business experience supporting effective use of Oracle technology and strengthening your competitive advantage.



What they say about us

Claremont provided experienced consultants who not only understood our business but explained everything in advance and delivered against those explanations making the six-month process pain-free.”

Dave Tyrrell, Finance Manager, RiverStone


“Claremont provided us with a number of key resources for our Oracle E-Business R12 reimplementation programme across 19 European countries, which was completed on time and to budget.”

Kevin Todman, IT Strategy Leader, GE Capital


“Progress has been good and we went Live on Monday…The team at Claremont has been fantastic in achieving this point and I must commend their patience and resilience.”

David Owen, Head of Technical Services & IT, Spire Payments


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