Organisations often struggle to get meaningful business insights from the data in their Oracle enterprise systems. 

This data is critical for effectively running your business, so it’s vital that the information can be reported in an effective and meaningful manner.

Customers of Oracle E-Business Suite are often overwhelmed with the apparent multitude of analytics solution options available to them.  Claremont can help you to navigate to the best solution for your organisation.

What they say about us

“Judging by the smoothness of the transition project and your flexibility, there really wasn’t anywhere where I’d say there was room for improvement. Since go live, my guys have been very pleasantly surprised at the pro-activeness of your support. I think there’s been three occasions over the past few weeks where your guys have suggested something could / should be done and we’ve taken up your suggestions. In eight years with our previous supplier, this never happened once – not once!“

Barry Reynolds, Head of IT Services, PPL


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