A real life journey into the cloud

In November 2015, you might recall that Claremont launched a survey into the Future of Oracle-Based Applications. One lucky respondent, Paul Toates, a Systems Architect at Domino Printing Sciences, became the winner of a brand new Apple watch, gift-wrapped and sent over before Christmas!

The company that Paul works for, Domino Printing Sciences, operates in the Manufacturing and Engineering sector, employing 2,300 people worldwide and selling to over 120 countries. Domino Printing Sciences currently uses Oracle Financials and Manufacturing applications but, like 74% of Oracle users (according to the results of our survey), are yet to migrate these applications to the cloud.

Responsible for the design of roll out eBiz 11.5.10 over the next 18 months across the group, Paul’s role includes looking into the Domino environment to decide on the best way to migrate their Oracle applications to the cloud. Like 30% of companies yet to migrate, Domino Printing Sciences are considering the move and estimate doing so in the next 6-12 months.

“At Domino we are looking to continue our journey
into the Cloud… Our next step is to work with
Claremont to assess the Cloud readiness of our
Oracle-based applications

Paul Toates
Systems Architect, Domino Printing Services

Already experienced in Cloud solutions, Paul is well-versed in the benefits. Consistent with 75% of respondents that had already migrated their Oracle-based applications, Paul considers reduced operating costs to be the main benefit of the Cloud. He also highly values access to around the clock support and the ability to remove the need to maintain specialist skills in-house.

In agreement with 41% of respondents yet to migrate, Paul considers the financial cost of switching as the company’s primary concern. Although 38% Cloud users do report that initial costs can be high, 75% of respondents feel the resulting reduction in operating costs has proved a major advantage.

Paul also ranked loss of flexibility and control as a perceived risk of the move; supported by only 13% of those that are currently using Oracle Cloud-hosting services.

To find out more about the perceived and actual benefits of moving your Oracle-based applications to the Cloud, download our report.

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  • example one 35%
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